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The Parrot Society of Australia is proud to host the National Stolen Bird Hotline on behalf of the Australian Federation of Aviculture (AFA).

The Society unreservedly condemns these deplorable acts of theft. We will continue to do everything within our power to apprehend those involved and encourage all aviculturalists to do likewise. Any person or persons found guilty of theft is automatically banned from ever holding membership in our society.

Alternately you can contact your local police or contact Dave Renshaw of the Victorian Aviculture Councils Stolen Bird Hotline;

If you have had birds stolen or have information relating to a bird theft please send us a message

Stolen Bird Hotline:

Phone: 03-59982419
Mobile: 0428 518 646


Latest Posts

Hawk Headed Parrot
Qld, QLD - February 2015

Stolen one pair of hawk headed parrots. Very rare only 20 in australia. Reward offered for any information leading to the recovery of these birds

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