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Sun Conure
Toowong, QLD - February 2015

Bright orange parrot flew onto my deck and came inside. Very tame and frindly, has a band on his ankle.

Scaly Breasted Lorikeet
Indooroopilly, QLD - February 2015

I've looked everywhere for him. In trees, bushes and on the ground. He has beak and feather disease so can't fly very well, if not at all. I can't possibly think where he could have gone.

I've contacted several vets, the RSPCA, sent out some flyers to neighbours, and put posts on social media sites and contact other lost/found parrot sites. I really want to find him. He means the world to me. He's not even a year old so is still fairly small. I'm worried he won't survive very long by himself. Please help me find my birdie! His name is Henry. Thank you!

Blue Fronted Amazon
Toohey Forrest, QLD - February 2015

We have a beautiful Blue Fronted Amazon that was brought into our Moorooka clinic.

Moustache Parrot
Underwood, QLD - March 2015

Tame Moustache parrot found in Underwood, Qld.

Rainbow Lorikeet
Deception Bay, QLD - March 2015

Found a pet Rainbow Lorikeet on Deception Bay Road. There was no black left on its beak so Im assuming its at least past the baby/teen stage.

Gold Coast, QLD - March 2015

Time cockatiel found in backyard at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast Qld.

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