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The Parrot Society of Australia Lost/Found page is only for those birds that have been accidently lost of have been found. If you suspect your bird has been stolen please see the Parrot Society Stolen Bird Page alternately you can contact your local police or contact Dave Renshaw of the Victorian Aviculture Councils Stolen Bird Hotline;

If your bird has escaped or been lost or you have found a pet bird please send us a message


Latest Posts

Blue Fronted Amazon
Toohey Forrest, QLD - February 2015

We have a beautiful Blue Fronted Amazon that was brought into our Moorooka clinic.

Moustache Parrot
Underwood, QLD - March 2015

Tame Moustache parrot found in Underwood, Qld.

Blue Quaker Parrot
Gordon Train Station, NSW - February 2015

A tame Blue Quaker Parrot found Monday at Gordon Train Station

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