Sep - Oct 2017, Volume 27 Issue 5

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Announcing Parrots 2018 Convention

Parrots 2018, the Parrot Society of Australia's 10th International biennial convention, continues the theme of "Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education" with a lecture program designed to appeal to the widest audience of bird enthusiasts, topics of both interest and educational value are on offer. The comprehensive programme offers approximately 22 sessions to choose from over the weekend and is the only convention in Australiasia catering to parrot breeders, veterinary staff, pet shop employees, companion parrot owners, zookeepers, young bird keepers and conservationists alike.

The Wild Diet of the Double-Eyed Fig Parrot

There are three subspecies of the Double-Eyed Fig Parrot native to Australia. They are found in the three major tracts of tropical and sub-tropical rainforest found along the east coast of Queensland and northern New South Wales. This article will mainly focus on the wild diet of Macleay's Fig Parrot. This sub specie has become more available in Australian aviculture over the past few years because of a better understanding of their special dietary requirements.

From little things, big things grow

Our involvement with birds began differently for both of us. Barry had kept birds from a young age on his parent's property, they were mostly the local species. I on the other hand was a nature lover that enjoyed all types of birds. The number of aviaries and birds has grown and Barry has gained confidence in his ability to breed despite many hiccups. He has experienced success as we have hand-raised all the sub-species of Red and Yellow tail, White tail and Glossy Black Cockatoos. I'm hoping that there will be a time that he will be able to sit back and enjoy all his hard earned efforts.

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