Mar-Apr 2016, Volume 26 Issue 2

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Our Blacks on the Blacks By chance not design

Our Cockatoo collection has included Cockatiels, the obligatory couple of pairs of Galahs, Long-billed and Short-billed Corellas and Major Mitchell’s. The larger Black Cockatoos were always admired either in the wild or at the various collections we visited over the years but there were never any firm plans to get some anytime soon. I don’t think the term “Bucket List” had been coined when I said to myself, “one day”. It wasn’t that we were lacking space for larger flights or a wee bit of experience in the management or husbandry for the larger Cockatoos, we had bred Galahs and Majors, but despite living on acreage, the potential noise factor was always a concern.

Golden-shouldered Parrot Study

Over the last few years the Queensland Government has purchased strategic cattle stations on Cape York Peninsula. These properties have strong ties to the traditional indigenous people as places of significant cultural and spiritual importance. Three of these properties form part of one of the last strongholds of the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot known as the “Morehead Population”.

Free Flight for Pet Parrots

On a given week, I find about three or four emails in my inbox asking for advice on training a companion parrot for free flight. I realise that we have a certain visibility as professional free flight trainers and frequently post photos and videos of our companion and work parrots enjoying unrestricted outdoor flight that perhaps encourages these queries, but the growing interest is somewhat of a concern.

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