Mar-Apr 2010, Volume 20 Issue 2

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My Experiences: Black-capped Lorikeets

While I’ve had plenty of experience keeping Australian lorikeets, I had never kept exotic lories before, even though I had always wanted to own some Goldies Lorikeets. These gorgeous little birds from New Guinea have been on the top of my list for quite some time, but their availability (and cost) had kept them out of reach. At around this time, I spoke with another friend who breeds a number of different kinds of lories and lorikeets. He was interested in the Black-cappeds and offered to swap them for the next couple of Goldies that he breed and paired up. So I acquired them to hold onto until that time.

Vocalization and Persistence

It’s a bird’s natural instinct to fly when spooked by something; before a bird realizes what’s happened, they may be too far away to find their way back to you. Don’t take it personally – just learn from some of our experiences on how to get them back. One of the most important things to remember is to never take your eyes off a bird when it flies away – otherwise you won’t know which direction it turned.

A Tale of Two Cockies: Love, friends & loyalty

About eight years ago a wild Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo flew into a car and broke its wing. The motorist took it to the Vet in Nerang, Queensland, who had to amputate the wing. We adopted her – for which we needed a National Parks and Wildlife permit – and kept her in a cage outside where she was often visited by wild Cockatoos. One of the things that impressed us was how she would push lettuce leaves through the bars of the cage, offering food to visitors.

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