Jul-Aug 2016, Volume 26 Issue 4

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Palm Cockatoos - A truly unique parrot

The Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) is the largest of the Australian Parrots. It is easily distinguished by its imposing beak, charcoal black feathers and red face patch. This rare and unique avian specie has adorned the Parrot Society of Australia’s logo since its foundation back in 1980. The Palm Cockatoo is also the chosen specie for the Parrot Society of Australia’s mascot known as Bamaga. The mascot was named after the township from which Palm Cockatoos are regularly seen in far north Queensland.

PSOA seed donation for feeder program

The recent donation of seed by the Parrot Society of Australia will see an expansion of the feeder program for the next wet season in Golden-shouldered Parrot habitat on Cape York Peninsula. Recent surveys have confirmed that five years of drought has reduced the Staaten River population and two failed wet seasons on Cape York, has seen a reduction in breeding success within the Morehead population.

Pacific Parrotlets - small parrots with character

The genus Forpus referred to commonly as Parrotlets may give the impression that these guys are not quite a true parrot. Although extremely small in stature the Parrotlet makes up for this physical diminutiveness with enormous tenacity, character and brings much intrigue and joy to all those who have the privilege of observation or contact with this genus of parrots. Let us start on what is, and what is not, in these New World Parrots.

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