PSOA News Junior Edition

As part of the Parrot Society of Australia’s commitment to recruiting young people into the hobby of aviculture, we have published a junior edition of the famous PSOA News magazine. ‘Fledglings’ appeals to primary school-aged children with its easy to read, themed content and fun format. Developed and conceived by Shane Hancock and Nicholas Bishop, Fledglings covers a variety of topics from avicultural 'best practices' to conservation messages and training tips. It also contains an educational fun page of activities including word searches, crosswords, quizzes, and fast facts for some avicultural entertainment.

Nicholas' artistic talents for illustration have been utilised with a downloadable colouring sheet to coincide with each issue’s theme.  It is a beautiful drawing for children to show their interest in different parrot species by representing feather patterns and colourations whilst gaining identification characteristics for each species.  Teachers are welcome to use these drawings as an educational resource in their classrooms.

Avicultural photographer, Mr. Peter Odekerken shares some of his stunning images of wild parrots in every issue. His expertise in wild bird observations are a great opportunity for children to gain an insight into the native habitat and uniqueness of many avicultural species. Young readers will see some of their favourite parrots in their natural settings from his extensive international travels.

The Parrot Society of Australia is concerned about the future of our hobby. Fledglings is our first step to actively fostering a love of parrots and good birdkeeping knowledge in the next generation of young aviculturists.

Shane Hancock and Nicholas Bishop of
PSOA Fledglings are recognised by the IAATE.


Introducing ‘Bamaga’ and ‘Weipa’ 

When the Parrot Society of Australia Inc. was formed in 1980 as the Australian Parrot Society, the endangered Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus aterrimus) was chosen for the club logo and mascot.  This decision was made because of its critical conservation status, rarity in Australian aviculture and unique physiology.  The Palm Cockatoo image soon became synonymous with the Society and is instantly recognisable as the public face of the PSOA in international avicultural circles.

In 2005 with the help of local illustrator, Shiloh Gordon and in collaboration with PSOA Promoter, Shane Hancock, the historic club logo was brought to life in the form of an official mascot for the Parrot Society of Australia.  “Bamaga” as he is known, takes his name from the same indigenous community located on the tip of Cape York (Queensland) where Shane saw his first wild Palm Cockatoos feeding in the local State High School grounds. Bamaga now appears in the club’s internationally recognised magazine, the PSOA News, on various merchandise products and throughout the PSOA website.  He has endeared himself to many of the Member’s as a bit of a larrikin that is represented in various activities that the PSOA pursues.

It is hoped with some ongoing fundraising and sponsorship that the PSOA will purchase a life sized, commissioned, 3D character costume of Bamaga to use in public promotions and during educational events.  If you would like to assist us in reaching this goal, please contact to discuss your valuable contribution to promoting avicultural awareness to the next generation of enthusiasts – our children.

More recently, a junior mascot has hatched to coincide with the release of the new kid’s edition of the PSOA News, ‘Fledglings’.  Once again Shiloh and Shane have developed a younger Palm Cockatoo, “Weipa” as the face of Fledglings for children to identify with.  Like Bamaga, Weipa takes his name from the largest town on Cape York within the Palm Cockatoo’s habitat range.  Weipa will appear whenever the PSOA promotes aviculture to children as a recognisable mascot.  Look for Weipa throughout Fledglings and associated material!


Shane Hancock

Shane is an internationally experienced early childhood educator who has been teaching for twelve years. Although he has kept and bred many different bird species from a young age, parrots continue to dominate his primary interest in aviculture. Shane's travels have given him plenty of unique opportunities to view many parrot species in their native habitats. He fulfills many roles on the Parrot Society’s Executive Committee including promotions, advertising and editorial duties for the PSOA News.

Nicholas Bishop 

Nicholas has been a birdaholic all his life. He has kept a wide variety of aviary and companion birds throughout this time and has worked as a birdkeeper at Adelaide zoo, where he was coordinator of the Macaw Free Flight program. He is a bird keeper and trainer at the Free Flight Bird Show, Taronga Zoo, N.S.W. and has a Graduate Certificate in Applied Ornithology from Charles Sturt University.

Peter Odekerken 

Peter Odekerken has been a keen aviculturist since he was 11 years old. He has kept and bred many species of parrots and finches. He is also a photographer taking many images of birds in captivity and in the wild all around the world. He is very interested in the conservation of fauna and flora and hopes that his photography of birds in the wild will make people aware. This is particularly important, especially for our young generation to know just how special and unique our wildlife is. We must make sure our wildlife is accommodated to ensure their survival in a world that humans are taking over.

Hannah Donaldson - Graphic/Multimedia Designer

Hannah has a Bachelor of Arts (Design & Marketing) with six years experience in this field. She has been working with the Parrot Society of Australia, designing the new look website, PSOA News magazine as well as creating the latest magazine addition - Fledglings!

Shiloh Gordon - Illustrator

From a young age Shiloh has loved to draw. This natural talent eventually evolved into a full-time career as a professional illustrator and animator; a job he finds fun, challenging and rewarding. Shiloh enjoys the process of developing a character and bringing it to life on paper or screen. In his spare time, Shiloh plays touch footy, does gardening, goes camping and barracks for his favourite AFL team, Collingwood.

Feathered fun for young aviculturists!

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