P2018 Speakers

Parrots 2018 International & Local Speakers to date

International Speakers

  • Rodolfo Orozco Vega, Natuwa Santuario de Lapas, Costa Rica
  • Dorothy Schwarz, Companion Parrot Consultant and Author, UK
  • Stephanie Edlund, Parrot Behaviour Consultant, Understanding Parrots, Sweden
  • Mary-Lee Sloan, Private Breeder , New Zealand

Local Speakers

  • Peter Smith, Private Breeder, QLD, Australia
  • Brenda Gulie, Private Breeder specialising in Golden Conures, NSW, Australia
  • Belinda Young, Behaviour Consultant - Treat, Play Love, QLD, Australia
  • Daniel Gowland, Priam Psittaculture, ACT, Australia
  • Dr Stacey Gelis, Avian Veterinarian, Melbourne Bird Vet, Vic, Australia
  • Dr Deborah Monks, Avian Veterinarian, Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Clinic QLD, Australia
  • Nicholas Leseberg. PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland

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