Parrot Society Events & Activities

Each year the Parrot Society hosts a full and varied program of exciting activities.

Members receive substantial discounts on the entrance fees to all these events.

North Brisbane Bird Sale

This is held at the start of May each year at the Caboolture Showgrounds,Caboolture, QLD.

Entry: Their is a small cover charge for entry (all children 12 or under are free)

This is the Parrot Society's annual bird Sale event held in Queensland. Hundreds of exotic and native birds, avicultural products and merchandise is available for sale from breeders and avian industry professionals. All bird breeders are welcome to register as a vendor to sell their birds at this event regardless of whether they are a PSOA member or not.

There are trade displays, specialty avicultural club stands, on site catering and parking as well as the Parrot Supplies Australia's massive sales stand plus much more.


The Trade display and Bird Sale open at 10am. Usually, everything is over by 1pm which makes for an action packed morning for any bird enthusiast!

We have developed a comprehensive Code of Practice that covers vendor practices at our bird sale.  Each vendor is required to sign this document before their birds are accepted on site for sale. Professional veterinary checks are also conducted to ensure that each bird's welfare is met as well as giving confidence to the buyer on the day. The Queensland Government's Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Parks and Wildlife has granted a commercial wildlife permit for this event. This allows the sale of native fauna and the Parrot Society of Australia to issue Movement Advices for native birds sold.

 Parrot Conventions and Seminars

The Society hosts a bi-annual Parrot Convention. These conventions are of the highest standard and top quality local and international speakers ensure that they are enormously successful and popular events.

The experience brought by these speakers and the range of topics covered meet the needs of all members, both breeders and companion parrot owners alike.

In addition to the formal parrot conventions, we also arrange specific educational and training seminars aimed at encouraging best practice aviculture and responsible companion parrot ownership.


 Aviary Tours

These are our most popular activity. They appeal to both novices and experienced keepers alike and always fill very quickly. Aviary tours are only available to society members.


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