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As a result of the success of the PBFD program, the Parrot Society has established a Benevolent Trust, called the Parrot Trust of Australia. It is a fitting culmination of our long term and ongoing commitment and contribution to parrot conservation, education and research.

The purpose of the Trust is to fund grants on an annual basis following written submissions for funding from suitably qualified parties from a capital pool of funds. It is anticipated that both individuals and organisations involved in any parrot related conservation, education and research project and/or associated programs can apply for funding assistance.

Preference will be given to Australian conservation efforts but the Trustees will consider funding international programs as well as cooperating jointly with other conservation projects.

The Parrot Trust is managed buy a Board of 4 Trustees including 2 members of the Parrot Society Management Committee as well as a recognised Avian Veterinarian.

The source of funds for the capital pool will be bequests, donations and specific fund raising activities and events conducted by the Parrot Society and the annual Parrot Trust of Australia Calendar.

Parrot Trust 2017 Calendar

Parrot Trust of Australia 2017 Calendar


The Society has felt that there is a very great need for the establishment of the Trust as over the years we have had to refuse requests for assistance with funding various very worthwhile projects, simply because the funds have not been available, nor has there been suitable structures in place to enable this to occur in the most appropriate manner. For example, we were unable to provide financial support for new research projects on the Golden Shouldered Parrot in Northern Australia and the Nyasa Lovebird in Southern Africa simply due of a lack of funds


We are sure that every aviculturist and companion parrot owner will agree that there is a desperate need for additional funding to be made for ongoing research into avian diseases such as PBFD, PDD, IPD, Pacheco’s disease and Polyoma virus not to mention a host of other medical problems facing both birds in captivity and those in the natural environment.

There is no doubt that the demands for funding will far exceed the ability of the Trust to fund especially in the short term. However, we felt that by taking this first step we will allow future generations of parrot owners and of course the birds themselves to benefit by our foresight and today’s committed aviculturists.

We urge all dedicated aviculturists, wherever you are, to consider making a donation or providing a small bequest in their wills to be allocated to the Parrot Trust. In this way, a legacy will be left for the benefit of both the parrots and future generations of aviculturists.

Make A Bequest

To make a Bequest, or find out more about the Parrot Trust of Australia please contact us. Your solicitor can help you make a donation or leave property to the Society’s Parrot Trust of Australia.

Postal Address: PO Box 75
Salisbury QLD 4107
Fax: +61 7 5433 1921


Direct Bank Deposit

Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Parrot Fund Limited I.T.F. Parrot Trust of Australia
BSB: 064 129
Account Number: 1042 8592


Parrot Trust of Australia


To make a Bequest, or find out more about the Parrot Trust
of Australia please contact us. Your solicitor can help you
make a donation or leave property.

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