The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. is an incorporated, non-profit organisation founded in 1980.

It is based in Brisbane, the sub-tropical capital of the beautiful State of Queensland, Australia. Australia has often been termed the Land of Parrots! Over 50 parrot species, or one-sixth of the world’s parrots, occur here. No other country has such a diversity of species and no where else are parrots more accessible. They are a part of the daily lives of every Australian.

As Australia’s leading parrot society, we take special pride in representing these native species to the world as well



The objectives of the Society are:

  • To provide information and support on the keeping, breeding and care of parrots in captivity.
  • To encourage our members, and the public at large, to adopt 'best practice' and a code of ethics for all aspects of parrot aviculture. This includes healthy nutrition, appropriate and enriched environments, ethical breeding practices and avian veterinary support.
  • To foster responsible companion parrot ownership by creating an understanding and awareness of the special needs of these birds.
  • To promote the conservation of parrot species, both in their natural and captive environments and to support parrot research and education projects.



We are proud to boast a membership of men and woman from all walks of life and age groups. Our members keep a range of parrots from highly-prized birds to the more commonly held species and companion parrots. A significant number of members have an active interest and involvement in parrot conservation and research.

In all our endeavours we attempt to cater for the interests of the broader membership including our


overseas members. Being the ‘custodians’ of Australia’s parrots our members have developed an extensive knowledge of these species. We always include articles in our magazine and website which are relevant to both local and international members.

Over the years, the society has granted Honorary Life Membership to a number of members for outstanding service to the society. We have a Roll of Honour to remember life members who are now deceased.

Patrons are nominated annually at the Annual General Meeting. The society presently has 4 patrons from the avian veterinary community.


Parrot Society of Australia Constitution

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