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July 1 2016 - July 3 2016

The International Biennial Parrots Convention, continues the theme of "Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education"

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Tico and the Greys

I can hear voices in my head, someone is calling me, the voice is getting louder, “hello?”, “HELLO”, “HELLOOOOOOO”! I’m now stirring, my eyes are open and the voices are coming from a desperate Blue and Gold Macaw named Tico. He now calls the dog “Harry”, “HARRY”, “HARREEEEEEE”! Now I’m wide awake but I stay in bed just to hear the conversation coming from the living room. Tico is talking especially loud, to be heard above the whistles and chatter from the Greys. Time to get up as Tico is calling “Brekky!” in a pleading voice. The day begins.

Upcoming General Meeting

Next Meeting, Saturday 18th June 2016, 2pm-6pm

For this meeting we will revert to using Parrot Supplies Australia for our General Meeting Venue at Slacks Creek (5 Westerway St, Slacks Creek, QLD) as the Lions venue is booked out on this particular date.

This will be followed by a free BBQ (Drinks not included) Non members always welcomed!

Please come along to show your support. Click here for more information

Brett Hancox - Currumbin Sanctuary

Brett Hancox - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Brett will talk about conservation and the breeding of Glossy Black Cockatoos.

Brett was born and raised in Melbourne, and moved to northern NSW in 2001.HeI started as a volunteer at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in 2004, and have been a member of their bird department for the last 8 years. He have worked with a wide range of species, from small passerines to rattites, with a particular interest in cassowaries, grass owls and parrots.


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