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April 23 2016

Fulfilling the needs of the growing North Brisbane Avicultural market. Caboolture Showgrounds Saturday April 23rd 2016.

July 1 2016 - July 3 2016

The International Biennial Parrots Convention, continues the theme of "Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education"

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The Scarlet Chested Parrots

Scarlet Chested Parrots are a common kept species in Australian aviaries. They are one of the neophema species which are non-aggressive and can be kept in a mixed collection. It is unadvisable to keep them with other neophema species due to hybridisation, plus it is illegal to knowingly hybridise Australian Parrots in Queensland. These birds are a very attractive addition to any aviary and are a pleasure to keep. Scarlets are known as a soft bird to keep meaning they can succumb to chills very quickly. Life span, in my experience, is approximately 5 to 7 years, maybe a little longer, but not much more. This seems to apply more so to hens, possibly due to excessive breeding and egg laying.

Upcoming Annual / General Meeting

Next Meeting, Saturday 20th February 2016, 3pm-6pm

We will be trialling a new venue for this meeting, the Lions Club at Springwood (2 Pannikin St Rochdale 4123) in the Lair meeting room.

The new venue is air condintioned and has better acoustics for our speaker sessions. Located only 5 mins from our Parrot Supplies Australia headquarters guests are welcome to take the short trip to Parrot Supplies Australia before the meeting. Parrot Supplies Australia will closed at 2pm and reopen for a short time after the meeting for those that can not make it to the shop before the meeting.

Please come along to show your support. Click here for more information

Dr Bob Doneley

Guest Speaker - Dr Bob Doneley

Advances in Avian Medicine - Techniques, Diagnostics and Treatments.

Annual General Meeting for 2016

This meeting doubles as our Annual General Meeting and will be used to elect this years committee, report on last years PSOA activities and preview the year ahead.
Please consider what you may be able to do to support your Parrot Society. Nomination forms for committee positions can be downloaded here. If you arent able to put in the time to be on the committee please consider letting us know the time and resources you could volunteer. 


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